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We’ll Take Care of Any and All of Your Auto Repair Needs

The Pit Crew is equipped to handle a variety of auto repairs and issues. Whatever you are having a problem with, we will be able to help. Look no further than The Pit Crew if you are in need of any of the following services:

  • Brake services
  • Oil changes
  • Diagnostic services
  • Air conditioning services
  • Air filtration service
  • Battery maintenance and replacement services
  • Cooling system services
  • Fuel system cleaning services
  • Emissions and inspection services
  • Tire services

Importance of Preventative Maintenance

When you ignore problems with your car, they only get worse. It is vital to have things like your tires and brakes checked on a regular basis so you can be sure you are driving safely. If you ignore things like regular oil changes, it will only cause more serious problems for your engine. If you bring your car to The Pit Crew for regular maintenance, you’ll make sure your vehicle stays running for a long time.


It is dangerous to drive with bad brakes. When you ignore signs that your brakes are wearing out, it can cause horrible problems for your car and put you and your passengers in serious danger. If you have noticed anything like noisy brakes or more, visit The Pit Crew as soon as possible so we can take care of it.


Oil Changes

You don’t want your engine to run with thick, dirty oil that could potentially cause it to overheat. It is vital that you regularly change your car’s oil, so you don’t ruin your engine.

oil change

Diagnostic Services

Instead of trying to guess what is wrong with your car, it is better to let a trained professional quickly diagnose the problem. This will save you a lot of time and energy as well as save your car from any more damage.


Air Conditioning Services

Problems with a car’s air conditioning can cause problems with other areas of the vehicle. If you notice any issues with your AC, bring your car in right away. It will save you from having to deal with a lot of other issues, like damage to the evaporator or compressor.

air conditioning

Air Filtration Service

If you ignore a dirty air filter, it will probably cause problems for your engine. No one wants dirt and other debris to decrease the efficiency of their vehicle. It is a good idea to make sure you are regularly changing your filters to keep your car running smoothly.


Battery Maintenance and Replacement

The battery is what makes your car start, so it is best to make sure you are taking care of it. A dirty, worn out battery can be a serious problem for your car.


Cooling System

It is easy to prevent problems with your cooling system by having it regularly checked and maintained by a professional. Since your cooling system is what prevents your engine from overheating or freezing, it is best to make sure you are taking good care of it.


Fuel System Cleaning

A clogged fuel system can seriously affect the performance of your vehicle. It is a good idea to make sure your car is running smoothly by regularly cleaning and maintaining the fuel system to avoid any blockages or other issues.


Emissions and Inspection Services

You have to get an emissions test every two years in New Jersey, so why not let The Pit Crew inspect your vehicle and make sure it is up to our state’s standards?



It is important to make sure you are checking the air pressure, getting your tires rotated and replacing damaged ones as soon as possible. Driving on worn out tires can be detrimental to your safety when driving. It is always best not to ignore problems that could potentially be life threatening.


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If you are having any issues with your vehicle, bring it to The Pit Crew, so we can take a look and make sure everything is working well and running smoothly.