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We’ll Meet All of Your Engine and Transmission Needs
in Medford, New Jersey


Your car depends on a smooth-running, efficient engine, and your engine depends on a properly working transmission. If either part is having issues, your car can face serious problems. It is vital to maintain these pieces of equipment to keep your vehicle running.

Importance of Engine Services

If your engine isn’t running properly, your car can’t function. The best way to ensure that this doesn’t happen is to take preventative measures, like regularly checking the fluid levels and replacing any worn-out parts. If you notice that your car isn’t running as well as it used to or your check engine light comes on, let a trained mechanic take a look at it right away. The Pit Crew will inspect your engine, diagnose any issues and make sure everything is working properly so you won’t have to worry about it breaking down.

Importance of Transmission Services

The transmission is the piece that makes your car move. If you’re not taking care of the transmission, you are putting your entire vehicle at risk. A dirty transmission can lead to things like difficulty shifting gears, loss of acceleration and total transmission failure. It is necessary to regularly change your transmission fluid so it can stay clean and keep running smoothly. Ignoring this vital piece of equipment can lead to serious problems for your car. Whatever the problem, The Pit Crew will make sure your transmission stays in good working condition.

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